Rome: The Golden Age

Step back in time to play this gripping slot. With Wilds and Free Spins Multipliers, Rome: The Golden Age delivers on all fronts.

    Rome: The Golden Age - How to Play

    There are up to 20 paylines available on Rome: The Golden Age.

    The minimum bet amount is 10c. The maximum bet amount is $50.


    Wild symbols will replace all other symbols besides the Scatter symbol, Golden Age symbol, and Rome symbol.

    Wild replacements pay the largest possible line win.

    Free Spin Multiplier

    Land a Golden Age symbol on the reels and you'll see points getting added to the Free Spins Multiplier meter.

    If a Golden Age symbol lands on a position without a Frame or Active Frame, the meter receives one point.

    If you land a Golden Age symbol on a position that does have a Frame or Active Frame, the meter will receive anywhere between one and four points.

    Whenever the meter collects 200 points, it enhances the Free Spins Multiplier, up to a maximum value of 1,000x.

    After each upgrade, the meter restarts at zero points.

    While you can improve the Free Spins Multiplier at any point during the regular game, it will only apply at the end of a Free Spins round.

    The Free Spins Multiplier resets to zero at the end of a Free Spins round, but the meter keeps the same number of points as the game that triggered the Free Spins round itself.

    The meter will stay full once you hit the 1,000x multiplier, and will not accrue more points until you trigger a Free Spins round.

    When you do trigger a Free Spins round - and once it finishes - the Free Spins Multiplier resets to 1x, and the meter resets to zero.

    Free Spins

    Land three Scatter symbols across reels 2, 3, and 4 to unlock the Free Spins bonus.

    Just before the free spins start, any position with an existing Frame or Active Frame that didn't transform into a Wild will become sticky.

    They lock into place to reward random prizes of up to 50x your bet.

    Positions that did transform into a Wild will not become sticky.

    During these rounds, positions on the reels spin individually, but locked positions don't spin at all.

    Rome symbols will only appear during these Free Spins rounds.

    Receive a prize of up to 50x your bet by landing a Rome symbol on any unlocked position.

    You receive three free spins when you start a Free Spins round, and if you land a Rome symbol on an unlocked position, the number of free spins will revert back to three.

    Free Spins rounds end when you have no free spins remaining or lock all unlocked position.

    Once a round finishes, your wins are multiplied by the Free Spins Multiplier.

    If you've locked all positions, a bonus 2x multiplier also gets added to all random prizes on Rome symbols.

    If this happens, the value of the Free Spins Multiplier is multiplied by the bonus 2x multiplier.

    For example, if your Free Spins Multiplier is 10x, its final value will be 20x.

    You'll return to the round that unlocked the Free Spins bonus once it ends - and all Frames and Rome symbols leave the reels.

    When a Free Spins round finishes, the total amount you've won will be added to any wins you received in the round responsible for unlocking the bonus.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.06%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $96.06 of wins.