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Online Bingo

Virgin Casino was the first online bingo site in the state of New Jersey, and our unique online bingo remains an incredible experience. If you want to play bingo online for cash, we’re the casino for you.

90 Ball Bingo

BOGO Bingo

90 Ball Bingo at Virgin Casino

When you play our 90 Ball Bingo, you’ve got multiple chances to win. Every online bingo round has a one-line winner, a two-line winner, and a full house winner. Plus, if you get your full house within a certain number of ball calls, we’ve got an exclusive Super Jackpot waiting for you!

Virgin Casino Lounge

Along with our exciting 90 Ball Bingo, we also run an onsite chatroom known as the Virgin Casino Lounge. This is where you can chat with other players, meet up with your friends, or make new ones. We’ve got dedicated chat hosts that bring your online bingo experience to the next level with fun chat games, events, and even extra bonuses.

Online Bingo FAQ

How to play online bingo

Once you’ve signed up for Virgin Casino and made a deposit, all you need to do is select Bingo at the top of the screen and you’re in. Our online bingo game are easy to access and easy to play, with rules and paytable available in-game.

Can you win real money playing bingo online?

When you play our online bingo, what you win is yours to keep. One line, two line, and full house wins are all paid out in real money on Virgin Casino.

What are the odds of winning bingo online?

With multiple winners every game, there's always a chance to win. As always, the outcome depends on how many players are participating and how many cards they’ve each bought. Here’s even more good news – the more players, the bigger the wins! The odds of winning a particular game can be found by clicking 'More Info' when you hover over the game on-site.