Golden Chief

With its compelling Native American theme, the slot game Golden Chief offers plenty of fun while playing for lots of exciting bonuses. 

    Golden Chief - How to Play

    A maximum of 100 paylines are available in this game.


    Scatter Symbols

    Land at least three Scatters during the base game to win a Bonus feature or cash prize.

    The prize awarded depends on how many Scatters appear:

    • Three or four Scatter symbols = a Bonus feature

    There are three Bonus features available in this game: Cash Canyon, Totem Riches and Free Spins.

    • Five Scatter symbols = a cash prize

    Heaped Wild symbols are available during Free Spins, which turn multiple reels Wild.

    Expanding Wild Symbols

    Whenever an Expanding Wild lands during the base game, it will expand to cover the entire reel.

    This increases the number of paylines available for that spin - the amount depends on the stake size:

    • Stake less than $1.00 - the number of paylines increases from 10 to 50 with the Expanding Wild
    • Stake more than $1.00 - the number of paylines increases from 20 to 100 with the Expanding Wild 

    Mystery Symbol Upgrade

    If triggered, all symbols of one type will upgrade to a higher-value symbol. 

    Only symbols up to the Ace can be upgraded in this game.

    The highest value symbols can upgrade to is the Lady symbol.

    The upgrade is only available when the Expanding Wild has increased the line count, and during the 50.00 Big Bet Game.

    Bonus Triggers

    Land three or four Scatter symbols to trigger the Golden Bonus Wheel or Super Golden Bonus Wheel respectively. 

    Five Scatters will award a cash prize. 

    Double height Scatters are available during base game, at under 2.00 total bet and in Big Bet games.


    Golden Bonus Wheel

    Three Scatter symbols appearing will trigger this bonus.

    Available prizes include: Cash Canyon; Totem Riches; and five free spins.


    Super Golden Bonus Wheel

    Land four Scatter symbols to enable the Super Golden Bonus Wheel.

    Possible prizes include· Super Cash Canyon; Super Totem Riches; and 10 Free Spins.

    Five Scatter Prize Win

    If five Scatter symbols appear, you'll be awarded a cash prize based on your stake.

    • Less than 2.00 =  500.00
    • More than 2.00 = 250x total bet
    • Five Scatters during a Big Bet game = 500.00


    Totem Riches

    If activated, you need to select a totem pole.

    The aim is to reveal a cash multiplier, which will also allow you to climb the totem poles. 

    This feature ends when you reveal 'Collect' or reach the top level of the totem poles - if this happens, you will be awarded the current multiplier value. 

    Totem Riches awards a multiplier of the total bet during the base game.

    Totem Riches awards a multiplier of stake per line during a Big Bet game.

    Super Totem Riches

    If achieved, Super Totem Riches awards an extra life and offers bigger-value cash multipliers.

    Cash Canyon

    Click 'Spin' to spin the wheel and start the feature.

    The wheel will determine how many steps you move along the canyon - the further you move, the more you win. 

    Cash Canyon ends when the wheel selects a 'stop' position or you reach the end of the trail - you'll be awarded the current value. 

    Cash Canyon awards a multiplier of the total bet during the base game.

    Cash Canyon awards a multiplier of stake per line during a Big Bet game.


    Super Cash Canyon

    Higher-value wins are available in Super Cash Canyon. 


    Free Spins Gamble

    This gives you the option to 'Collect' your winning free spins or 'Gamble' them for a chance to win more. 

    You can win a maximum of 30 free spins if you Gamble.

    • Triggering Free Spins from the Golden Bonus Wheel will award you five free spins to Gamble
    • Triggering Free Spins from the Super Golden Bonus Wheel will award you 10 free spins to Gamble

    Click 'Gamble' to play this feature or 'Collect' to continue to the Free Spins bonus with your initial amount of spins. 

    Free Spins

    Land Golden Bonus symbols to win extra free spins - the amount awarded is as below:

    • One Golden Bonus = one extra free spin
    • Two Golden Bonus = two extra free spins
    • Three Golden Bonus = five extra free spins
    • Four Golden Bonus = 10 extra free spins
    • Five Golden Bonus awards the Five Scatter Prize Win (above)

    Free spins uses the same award card as the the triggering round.

    Expanding Wilds substitute for all symbols except Golden Bonus symbols in this round. 

    Heap Wild Symbols

    Heap Wilds can only appear during Free Spins. 

    Should one land, they expand to full height and up to five reels wide. 

    If the total bet is less than 2.00, paylines increase from 10 to 50 in this feature; if the total bet is more than 2.00, paylines increase from 20 to 50.

    Big Bet Game

    Big Bet games consists of five linked spins of the reels.

    All wins are accumulative and will be awarded when the last spin has finished.

    Free Spins can be triggered during every Big Bet game.

    Big Bet Game spins use all win lines, and wins are paid according to the awards table.

    $20.00 Big Bet

    During $20.00 Big Bet games, more awards are available, as well as double height Scatter symbols.

    $30.00 Big Bet

    Play the $30.00 Big Bet game for:

    • Increased awards
    • Double height Scatter symbols
    • Any Expanding Wilds that land hold in-place until the end of the game
    • If triggered, Totem Riches has extra life 

    $50.00 Big Bet

    The $50.00 Big Bet game gives you a chance to win:

    • Increased awards
    • Double height Scatter symbol
    • Any Expanding Wilds that land hold in-place until the end of the game
    • Totem Riches has extra life if triggered during the $50.00 Big Bet
    • $50.00 Big Bet games are played with 100 win lines

    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.02%. 

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $96.02 of wins.