Finn and the Swirly Spin

Get ready for an adventure while playing the slot game Finn and the Swirly Spin! As well as an exciting gameplay, there's a ton of features that can be triggered.

    Finn and the Swirly Spin - How to Play

    A maximum of 10 paylines are available in this game. 

    Game Mechanic

    This game consists of 25 spaces - separate symbols appear in each, all of which are independent from one another.

    Following each win, winning symbols will be removed from the reels and remaining symbols will fill the empty positions.

    Symbols from higher-numbered spaces then move to the next lowest-numbered space in the direction of the arrow displayed.

    Wins are awarded when three or more of the same symbol appear in any horizontal or vertical line.

    Single rows and columns can contain more than one win.

    If three or four Wilds land next to each other on any horizontal or vertical line, they can only substitute for symbols on either side of that line. This means that a group of Wilds cannot create wins by themselves. 

    Wins containing just Wild symbols are only counted if no other win match, horizontally or vertically, is possible - in this case, Wilds substitute for the highest paying symbol according to the paytable. 

    Free Spins Key Symbol

    At the start of the game, a Free Spins Key symbol will always be present in the bottom left corner of the reels.

    It moves towards the center with each win and as symbols avalanche. 

    The Free Spins Key symbol reaching the center will trigger Free Spins and increase the key meter in the bottom right-hand corner by one. 

    The key meter does not reset when the game ends. This means that you can carry on playing with the total number of Keys collected when the game re-starts,

    Free Spin Key symbols cannot disappear during the main game.

    Key Collecting

    The amount of symbols collected in the key meter does not reduce when Free Spins is triggered. 

    Just one Free Spins game is available at the start of the game - unlock more by playing a specific number of free spins rounds. 

    Free Spins games unlock in the following order: Star Bar Free Spins; Lava Lair Free Spins; Lucky Mug Free Spins; Golden Pot Free Spins.

    Wild Symbols

    Wilds override all symbols except the Free Spin Key symbol in this game.

    Wins can either involve a Wild or not involve a Wild in this game, which will impact how the game plays out:

    • Wins involving a Wild - that Wild, plus symbols horizontally or vertically next to it, will be destroyed
    • Wins that don't involve a Wild - a new Wild will be added to the reels in place of a destroyed symbol

    Once all explosions have taken place and any new Wilds have been added, the remaining symbols will then avalanche to fill the empty spaces. 

    Avalanches continue until no new wins are secured.

    New Wilds will be placed in the middle of the winning match - please note there will be instances where no new Wilds will be generated.

    Sticky Wilds

    Sticky Wilds acts as regular Wild symbols in this game, except they cannot be destroyed nor can they destroy adjacent symbols following a win. 

    Sticky Wilds can only appear during Lava Lair Free Spins in this game.

    Random Features

    There are four types of Random Features in this game, which can be awarded after the initial spin.

    They are:

    • Starfall Wilds
    • Dragon Destroy
    • Irish Luck
    • Magic Transform

    Starfall Wilds

    This feature randomly adds two or more Wild symbols to the reels in a line or random pattern:

    • If placed in a random pattern, the Wilds won't appear over a Free Spins Key symbol
    • If placed in a line, each of the 10 lines (horizontal or vertical) are chosen at random, but the Wilds should appear next to each other 

    If no new wins are generated from the Wild symbols, Wilds will continue to be added to the reels until a win is secured. 

    Dragon Destroy

    This feature can only be triggered if no wins are secured beforehand. 

    It sees a random number of symbols destroyed, thereby causing an avalanche to take place. 

    The avalanche guarantees a win. 

    Irish Luck

    Irish Luck can only be triggered if no wins are present after the initial spin.

    If enabled, an entire line (horizontal or vertical) will be filled with one type of symbol for a guaranteed win - Wild symbols cannot be added to the reels in Irish Luck. 

    Magic Transform

    This feature turns all Spade and Heart symbols present into a higher-paying symbol.

    All Spade symbols will transform into the same chosen symbol and all Heart symbols will transform into the same chosen symbol.

    Spade and Heart symbols can transform into different symbols though. 

    There are 16 possible transformations - this is because there are four potential outcomes of what each Spade and Heart symbol can turn into. 

    Free Spins Bonus

    If the Free Spin Key symbol is in the center of the grid after all wins or avalanches have taken place, Free Spins will be triggered. 

    You can then choose one of four Free Spins games:

    • The Star Bars 
    • Lava Lair
    • Lucky Mug
    • Golden Pot

    Each game corresponds to a different Random Feature.

    Only one Random Feature can be chosen during the initial Free Spins game.

    Once you've completed your initial Free Spins game, you'll return to the main game and won't be able to select another Free Spins game.

    The Star Bars 

    This game awards seven Star Bar free spins with the Starfall Wilds Random Feature.

    Star Bars Free Spins require one Key to unlock. 

    This feature works the same way as the Starfall Wilds Random Feature during the main game.

    Lava Lair

    In this Free Spins game, you'll be given three Lava Lair Free Spins with the Dragon Destroy Feature.

    Lava Lair Free Spins require four Keys to unlock.

    During the main game, a Sticky Wild will always replace the Free Spins Key symbol. 

    Lucky Mug

    You'll have four Lucky Mug Free Spins along with the Luck Feature in this game.

    Lucky Mug Free Spins require nine Keys to unlock.

    If no wins are secured, symbols will transform as per below:

    • Each of the six symbol options are sorted according to how frequently they appear in the play area
    • The symbol chosen for the overlay is picked randomly

    Golden Pot

    This game awards two Golden Pot free spins with the Magic Transform feature.

    Golden Pot Free Spins require 16 keys to unlock.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.61%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $96.61.