Blackjack With Surrender

Mix tradition with modern twists and go head-to-head with the dealer in Blackjack With Surrender.

    Blackjack With Surrender - How to Play

    The minimum bet size is 10c per hand and the maximum bet size is $1,000 per hand.

    Playing Blackjack With Surrender

    In order to win blackjack straight up, your hand must end with a value of 21.

    If not, you need to get closer than the dealer to 21 without going over it to win otherwise.

    You and the dealer both receive two cards at the start of the game.

    For the dealer, one of these cards is dealt facing up.

    Depending on the cards you receive and its combined value, you can choose to hit or stand.

    Choose to hit and you receive another card to add to your hand.

    If the dealer's hand has a value of 16 or less, they must choose to hit.

    If they have a hand with a value of 17 or above, they may stand.

    It's considered a push if you and the dealer both end with a hand of the same value.

    In the event of a push, you receive the stake you initially wagered.


    You may choose to purchase insurance if the dealer receives an Ace for their first card.

    This option is to circumvent the increased risk of the dealer hitting blackjack.

    Buying insurance will cost half of your original stake.

    You lose the insurance if the dealer doesn't end up hitting blackjack; you lose half your initial original wager and receive the insurance bet if the dealer does hit blackjack.


    Use the Surrender feature to abandon your hand if it's not looking good.

    You can do this once the hand has been dealt.

    It'll cost half your original wager to use the Surrender feature.