Community Jackpots



Our Community Jackpots are a revolutionary new kind of Jackpot worth up to $10,000 with an extra award of up to $20,000 in community payouts every time a Community Jackpot is won. When a Jackpot is won, everyone wins!*

You don't need to get into a bonus round to win one of these great Jackpots. You have a chance to win a key to a Community Jackpot on every single wager, all day, every day!

And because we want you to have even more ways to win, whenever one of these jackpots is won, its full value is immediately replenished, so it can be won over and over again without it ever resetting to zero!

How to Play

Winning a Community Jackpot is easy. Just play your favorite games! Each wager you make has a chance to reveal a lucky key. When a key appears at the top of your screen, click it to find out if it is a winner!**

If your lucky key opens a chest, you will win the displayed Jackpot award in addition to a share of the community payout for that jackpot. If you don’t click the key, after 5 minutes it will automatically play out for you to see if you are a winner.

The best part about this jackpot is you don’t even have to find a key to be a winner. Just keep an eye on the top bar of the site to see if anyone else has found a key. As long as you have placed a bet within an hour of a jackpot being won, you’ll be awarded a share – even if you have already logged off of the site. It’s that simple!***

* To be eligible for a portion of the shared Community Jackpot you must have wagered during the 60 minutes prior to the Community Jackpot being won.

** The chance to win a key depends on the game you are playing. The likelihood of a key unlocking a jackpot is also determined by the game you are playing as well as the size of your bet.

*** The size of your community share is determined by the value of your wagering activity in the 60 minutes prior to the Jackpot event.